You can have the kind of relationship you want

Many people seek couples therapy fearing that it is already too late, or that they cannot hope to revive the relationship. They’ve gotten stuck in repetitive patterns of conflict; arguments over silly things that blow up into hurt feelings and stored resentments.

I want to help you feel better together. I believe you can restore your relationship and your future.

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You can learn to manage anxiety and fears

Worry, anxiety, stress – these are words people use to describe a life that is out of control.  You may experience it as constant apprehension or as surges of heart-pounding terror.  You have forgotten how to relax, how to have fun, and how to feel confident and self-assured.

You don’t have to continue to suffer.  I want to hear your story and show you how to feel better and do better. I can help you conquer the fears and worries that have been dominating your life.

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