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You can find relief
from depression and anxiety starting today. 

Anxiety has a way of taking over your life.  Intrusive, repetitive thoughts, worry, and unease become constant, and happiness recedes into memory.  You may have tried many things to subdue these persistent fears and worries, but they always seem to ovewhelm your efforts.


You may be isolating yourself from others so that you don't burden them, or you believe that no one can truly understand what you are going through and how hard you have tried to fight it.


We can help you learn to handle and eventually master these thoughts and feelings through compassionate and evidence-based therapy.



Andrea Rogers, LCSW, APC --- Ca Lic:  LCS 18254

Andrea has extensive experience with Depression and Anxiety as well as Cancer, Grief and Loss, Surviving Suicide and Parenting Adult Children. In addition, years working with the Chronically Mentally Ill helps Andrea help families struggling to cope with an ill member.  Read more...

Talk Therapy is the gold standard for healing and change.  We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy tools within the framework of Talk Therapy to give you access to the best treatment for you.  We create a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic environment and tailor your treatment to your unique needs.  We listen to you with careful attention to be sure that we are addressing exactly what you want and need in your treatment.

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