Your thoughts and fears don't have to rule your life.  You can feel better and do better.  All you need is a little help.

Anxiety, intrusive thoughts, worry, fears, self-doubt and more can be the pain you live with every day.  You may find it hard to concentrate and impossible to enjoy the everyday pleasures that seem to be available to others.  Sometimes there are fears or thoughts you can name, but other times it can be a sense of dread that you can't seem to shake.  


After months or years of living with these thoughts and feelings, you may have become isolated and discouraged.  Your friends and family may be frustrated with you and you've grown tired of trying to explain yourself.  It becomes harder and harder to keep going.


The problem with anxiety is that it feeds itself.  Everything seems to confirm your worst fears and feelings, and safety and security become ever more elusive.


We can help you break the cycle of worry so that you can feel hope and allow the light to come into your world.